Maximizing GETGREAT star points (for KrisFlyer miles)

GETGREAT is a platform to earn star points. Star points can be used to redeem KrisFlyer miles, among many other reedeemables.

In my case, I use it on iOS in Singapore, and the objective is 1,000 star points (or 330 KrisFlyer miles). There are at least 3 features helpful to our endeavour:

1. FitAge

FitAge can range from +3 (bad) to -3 (good) years relative to your actual age. Stars here are earned on a daily basis:

-1 -2 -3
Stars 1 2 3

2. Daily Great Walkathon

Walking from 6k (good) to 15k (best) steps earns stars:

6k 8k 10k 15k
Stars 8 15 20 22

At this point, I’d like to introduce experience points, which in sufficient quantities (i.e., “level up”) earns more stars:

6k 8k 10k 15k
Experience 60 110 140 160

(At lower levels (of experience), it’s easy to level up, but progressively more and more (up to 1,000 experience points) is required.)

Experience and stars here are earned on a daily basis.

3. 7-Day Program

7-Day Programs are rated in terms of sweat droplets, which I’ll term as intensity (1 to 3). Experience here is earned on a weekly basis:

1 2 3
Experience 200 270 345

Putting it together, on any given 31-day month, one can earn between 496 to 775 stars, depending on participation:

-1 FitAge/8k steps/1 intensity
Experience 2,940
Stars 496
-3 FitAge/15k steps/3 intensity
Experience 6,340
Stars 775

A big caveat, though: stars expire at the end of each month., and must be redeemed 500 (or 1000) at once.

Some worked examples to clear out any lingering doubts:

  • At levels 101+, leveling up thrice (3,000 experience) is sufficent; i.e., 775+(76*3) = 1,003 stars.
  • At between levels 92 through 100, leveling up 4 times (4,000 experience) is sufficent; i.e., 775+(66*4) = 1,039 stars.
  • At between levels 82 through 91, leveling up 4 times (3,600 experience) is sufficent; i.e., 775+(60*4) = 1,015 stars.

And of course, all unredeemed star points are forfeit come the next month.