Apple Event - September 12


YouTube video: Link

“Happy birthday” video. [That “thank you” song, real catchy.]

Today is all about Apple Watch and iPhone.

Recap about the new Macs (the Studio, the Pro, and the 15" MacBook Air).

Much flexing about the 15, I feel like.

Vision Pro, ships “early next year”. [I’d forgotten, got excited all over again!]

Watch Series 9


“Most popular watch”. [How did you know?]

Apple silicon (S9 SiP) in the Series 9.

“30% faster GPU”, probably relative to the S8.

Most common Siri requests now run on-device.

“… more advanced transfomer model”. [Very important keyword since 2022.]

Health queries via Siri (in English/Mandarin), available “next year”. [It seems uninteresting, but we’ll see.]

Watch-to-watch Name Drop on watchOS v10. [Wirelessly share contact information via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth?) network.]

Precision-find your iPhone using the new UWB chip. [I use it’s predecessor feature alot!

Watch-to-HomePod integration. [HomePod being HomePod, it probably won’t work well.]

Always-on, Retina display, 2000~1 nit(s) of brightness.

New “Double Tap” interaction feature, available “next month”; i.e., tap your index finger/thumb together, twice. [Like on Vision Pro?]

[“Double Tap” vid.]

Material Colors
Aluminium 5 (pink, starlight, silver, midnight, red)
Stainless steel 3 (gold, silver, graphite)

[Stainless steel ain’t got much color, if at all.]

Mother Nature vid (and their 2030 goals)

“OK, good. See you next year. Don’t disappoint your mother.”

[I love her sass, if only she’s real, to keep showing up remind us all of how we’ve ruined Earth…]

I’m also glad there won’t be leather in any new Apple products, including watch bands.

New “FineWoven” textile, 4 Hermes bands (woven, knitted, and rubber). New “Hermes Radial” watch face. [3rd party watch faces anyone?]

[The new Nike Sport Band, with colorful flakes of recycled material looks nice, if I’m ever in the market for a new one.]

New Nike watch face. [3rd party watch faces, please!!]

Watch Ultra 2


3000 nits of display brightness.

[Dropped the “Series” part in the name.]

“Modular Ultra” watch face. [I still want 3rd party watch faces…] watchOS v10 can connect to Bluetooth acessories that measure cadence, speed, and power. [I wanna be a cyclist now.]

36 hours of battery life.

New Ultra bands/loops, but no details. [At least, in the vid.]

2nd-generation SE remains in the lineup.

Order today, available September 22.

iPhone 15/15 Plus




[Nice translucent/shiny fence at Apple Park, ~1.8m or so tall.]

“Dynamic Island”. [What a name…]

“Super Retina XDR”. [That is, OLED. It sure seems like iPhone 14 Pro from 2022.]

Peak HDR brightness of 1600 nits.

Up to 2000 nits in sunny conditions, double of iPhone 14.

6.1", and 6.7" for the Plus.

New contoured edge.

Color-infused glass.

5 colors (pink, yellow, green, blue, black).

“Dual ion exchange process”. [I’m lost on the materials gobbly-gook.]

0.5-2x continuous optical zoom.

Next-generation portraits? [I mostly don’t use it, as the faked bokeh doesn’t look good to my eyes.]

Portrait mode is automatic for people, dogs and cats.

Focus can be adjusted after the fact. [Wow!]

Smart HDR for both front/back cameras.

A16 Bionic; i.e., 2+4-core CPU, 5-core GPU.

Use the new, aforementioned UWB – ultra-wideband – chip to precision-find your friends – up to 3x further than before.

Voice isolation vs. noise cancelling, at source. [This isn’t new, though.]

Emergency SOS/Find My via satellite is now in 14 countries in 3 continents, including Australia.

New “Roadside Assistance via satellite” feature in the US. [Free if you’re an AAA member, probably paid otherwise.]

2 years of free satellite service with iPhone 15.

Connect via USB-C. [Finally. Also snuck in the braided cable right there.]

USB-C EarPods, too.

[iPhone 15 promo vid.]

iPhone 15 Pro




[iPhone 15 Pro promo vid.]

Titanium [3D printed?]

Lightest Pro models ever.

[Matte finish, it looks like.]

Infinitesimal smaller bezels. [It’s actually smaller, too.]

6.1", and 6.7" screen for the Pro Max. [Can we reconsider “Pro Max”, please?]

[What is “Grade 5 titanium”? Oh OK, for the Curiosity rover. On. Mars.]

Titanium on the onside, aluminium on the inside “sub-structure”.

[What is a “PVD coating”?]

4 “colors” (black, white, blue, natural).

Customizable action button, replacing the ring/silence switch.

Long press to activate.

New SoC (A17 Pro):

  • CPU: 2+4 cores
  • GPU: 6 cores

3 nm (EUV - extreme ultraviolet) litography.

USB 3 transfer speeds.

[What is a shader?]

Hardware-accelerated ray tracing vs. cube maps.

“MetalFX upscaling”, probably like Nvidia (or AMD’s) implementations.

Upcoming Ubisoft titles “early 2024”:

  • The Divergence Resurgence
  • Assassin’s Creed: Mirage [Smartphone-native, wow!]

24 megapixel photos.

3x optical zoom.

5x at 120mm on the Pro Max only.

[TIL about tetraprisms.]

“Most advanced (image) stabilization yet”.

“7 lenses”; i.e.,

“Capture One [sp?]”, to send ProRaw photos to Mac over the wire.

Supports 4k60 ProRes videos direct to external storage.

[What is “log encoding”?]

[What is ACES?]

Spatial video capture available “this year”. (This is gonna be a killer feature.)

Watch Pricing

Model GPS GPS+Cellular
SE 249 299
Series 9 399 499
Ultra 2 799

iPhone Pricing

Model Price
SE 429
13 599
14 699
15 (128 GB) 799
15 Plus (128 GB) 899
15 Pro (128 GB) 999
15 Pro Max (256 GB) 1199

[Not sure how much storage for the pre-15 models.]