Home Assistant's Xiaomi Miio integration


Xiaomi Miio is an integration for Home Assistant, an open-source home automation software. It is the link between Home Assistant itself, and your Xiaomi smart devices.

Except I don’t want my network traffic routed to some server up in China or wherever when I’m at home, and the device itself is at home, as it makes for a meaningfully longer turnaround time, and is probably a privacy hole too. (The next step is cutting off “phone home” traffic from these devices, but story for another day.)

I have 6 of these smart devices, 2 of which are air purifiers of the same model (ID). Unfortunately, only the vacuum is supported out of the box, and I really wanted to be able to manage my air purifiers via Home Assistant.

At the “unsupported model” dialog, I tried using instead the Model ID listed in the rightmost table column below, and it worked; e.g.,


I’ll probably continue exploring alternative model IDs, but just the air purifiers for now:

Name Model ID Alt. Model ID
米家IH电饭煲 chunmi.cooker.normal2 ?
叮零智能视频门铃S madv.cateye.dlowlplus ?
石头扫地机器人S5 roborock.vacuum.s5 Not needed
米家恒温电水壶 yunmi.kettle.v1 ?
米家空气净化器 4 Pro zhimi.airp.va2 zhimi.airp.vb4