Apple "Let Loose" Event


Tim Cook’s tweet has made it pretty clear that there might be at least a new Apple Pencil announced in a couple hours:

Pencil us in for May 7! ✏️ #AppleEvent


At home, we share a 2nd-generation 10.5-inch iPad Pro that I purchased as a refurbished unit in 2018; i.e., a 2017 iDevice that still works well to this day. It’s been awhile since 2018, preceding the time I started keeping a record of expenses; I believe it alone cost about 550 USD at the time, and so excellent, excellent value given its longevity.

Now the display isn’t OLED, but it’s ProMotion (120-1Hz variable refresh rate), there’s 4 – not 2 – speakers, and runs most, if not all, of the iOS apps we use. It still charges via Lightning, but I completely, happily, skipped over all subsequent generations of iPads, as it’s a distant 3rd Apple computer(ish), far behind, of course, Macs and iPhones.

On the accessory front, I have a 1st-generation Pencil – it works well, and the keyboard/trackpad combo got great in 2020 or so; I think there’s still huge potential to be unlocked, so I hope this “distant 3rd” status improves tonight, and henceforth.

Maybe the entire lineup might change, cos right now it’s a mess, I can’t recommend anyone to buy any iPad just yet.