Logging into GitLab using LDAP

Recently, we deployed a GitLab instance, and my colleague discovered that when he logged in using our LDAP service account credentials, he ended up logging in as me; i.e., two different LDAP users with two pairs of usernames/passwords end up being the same user. I didn’t want that to be the case, so I dug into this a bit. Using ldapsearch with the sAMAccountName attribute resulted in two users (correct), and the gitlab-rake gitlab:ldap:check output proved similarly unhelpful, so I filed an issue.

Prometheus Operator release failed

Lately I’ve been getting up-to-speed on Prometheus. That is, the prometheus-operator chart installed via helm: NAME CHART VERSION APP VERSION stable/prometheus-operator 6.11.0 0.32.0 I’m seeing an error, though: Error: release prometheus failed: rpc error: code = Canceled desc = grpc: the client connection is closing The workaround for this, as Github user cu12 has so kindly pointed out, is to disable admission webhook support (e.g., --set prometheusOperator.admissionWebhooks.enabled=false). References https://github.com/helm/helm/issues/6130#issuecomment-537829666

Alternate tabbing on VirtualBox

I’ve been a long-time VirtualBox user. Typically, I use Cygwin to SSH to my guest OS (e.g., Ubuntu) so there never was a problem with using using the Alt+Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between windows. However, on a work trip I realized that for whatever reason, bridged mode simply wouldn’t work with my wireless network card, so I was forced to install a Linux Desktop Environment, something that I’ve long resisted to reduce my guest resource requirements.

The Apple Special Event Live Blog (Starts at 1AM SGT)

Anything prior? (By the time I started watching, the speaker was onstage talking about the new Apple Arcade section of the App Store.) Arcade Apple Arcade games (i.e., Frogger, Sayonara Wild Hearts) look really great, in particular, Sayonara Wild Hearts with its psychedelic art style. Apple Arcade will be a paid subscription service launching September 19 for $4.99 USD, and there’ll be a one month free trial. TV+ Worldwide premier trailer for SEE.

GitLab Docker In Docker (DinD) jobs no longer pass

Recently I noticed that my CI/CD jobs keep failing with an error Cannot connect to the Docker daemon at tcp://localhost:2375 Is the docker daemon running?. I’m using the Docker in Docker (DinD) workflow, and there wasn’t a change on my end. Ultimately, I spent too much time verifying that my GitLab Runner version was OK – actually, it was pretty old (11.x) so I fixed that, checked for the --privileged flag, redid the RBAC authorization, Secrets, the Helm release, and finally, the docker client/server versions.

Digital Certificate Management

Previously, I wrote a blog post about using the OpenSSL CLI tool to generate digital certificates. Since then, I’ve refined things a bit on my end, and here’s the update, please consider the old post deprecated. First of all, we’ll need a private key file; e.g., privkey.pem: openssl genrsa -out privkey.pem 2048 From the private key, we’ll generate a new CSR - Certificate Signing Request file; e.g., signme.csr: openssl req -new -sha256 -days 90 -key privkey.