How to create a bootable USB drive for macOS X El Capitan

Following How to create a bootable USB drive for macOS X El Capitan: $ sudo /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ --volume /Volumes/UBUNTU\ 20_0 --applicationpath /Applications/Install\ OS\ X\ El\ Password: Ready to start. To continue we need to erase the disk at /Volumes/UBUNTU 20_0. If you wish to continue type (Y) then press return: y Erasing Disk: 0%... 10%... 20%... 30%...100%... Copying installer files to disk... Copy complete. Making disk bootable.

Apple Hi, Speed Event

YouTube video: HomePod Mini Amazing sound, but I can’t describe it with any technical depth. S5 processor, the same one used in Watch Series 5 and SE, for “computation audio”; e.g., optimize loudness, adjust dynamic range, and control the movement of its own internals. Multiple units can be placed throughout the house for synchronized output, or paired up when placed in the same room. Includes the U1 processor, so it’ll know to handoff to your iPhone when it’s close; e.

Apple Time Flies Event

YouTube video: [01:48] New iPad Air: all-screen design and 5 colours. Unlock using the top button, Touch ID! USB-C connector, will work with the Magic Keyboard accessory, starts from USD 599. No mention of ProMotion (120Hz refresh), unfortunately. [01:39] New iPad (8th generation): starting from USD 329. [01:38] One, a new meta-service: iCloud, Music, TV+, Arcade, News+, Fitness+. Starts at USD 14.95/month. [01:32] Fitness+, a new fitness service (USD 9.

Extracting PDF page ranges using pdftk

I needed to extract parts of a big PDF file today, learned about the existence of pdftk, a command-line interface tool for manipulating PDFs: Conveniently, it can be installed using sudo snap install pdftk. I wanted to combine multiple page ranges of my big PDF file, so a note-to-self then: $ pdftk foo.pdf cat 39-43 46-47 50 output bar.pdf

Apple WWDC keynote

Based on a reading of TLDR: Apple saved their big ARM macOS announcement for the end, dwarfing the rest of their OS(es) announcements, basically. iOS 14 “App Library”, a revamped home screen. Also: widgets for iOS, finally. New “Translate” app, translates voice/text between 11 languages. Includes a conversation view, for two people to use on a single device. Messages app updates, including pinned conversations, Memoji is back [ed: were they ever gone?

Joint MND-MOM media release on new dormitories with improved standards for migrant workers

Yesterday marked the end of Circuit Breaker in Singapore; today I read about an improved housing plan for our migrant workers, in particular the table below which will be piloted at so-called quick build dormitories; i.e., temporary structures lasting 2-3 years: Standards Current Improved Living space ≥ 4.5 sqm per resident, including shared facilities ≥ 6 sqm per resident, not including shared facilities Occupancy per room No maximum beds per room.